Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Park Slope Parents Debacle Part II

I am happy to report that I received an apologetic email from the founder of the Park Slope Parents Yahoo Group.

My great friend, Josina wrote an email to PSP stating the following:


I have let my membership expire on purpose as I feel that it is not a
worthwhile expense for my family to take on. I also was shocked at how your organization responded to an email (sent by a friend of mine, Sarah) questioning the purpose of this new membership fee. Your tone was dismissive and rude. You should be ashamed of yourself.


The founder of PSP responded to Josina with the following:

Thank you for your email. I respect your decision.

I am sorry you felt our tone was dismissive and rude. I'm not sure of
the correspondence you are referring to or who responded, but it
clearly left a negative impression and that is unfortunate. We've
pooled many of the questions about the purpose of the new membership fee in a long document that we posted to the list and to the website. You can find that document here:


That document may help you better understand why it was not worthwhilefor the organizers to continue to take on running PSP without being compensated.

As we posted to the list, we're all still neighbors and fellow
parents, so we wish you the best of luck and if you find that you need
us, we're here.

Best regards,

Susan Fox
Founder, Park Slope Parents

Upon further investigation, Ms. Fox realized what email exchange Josina was referring to. She then wrote a follow up email and sent it to Josina and myself:

Sarah (and Josina),

I investigated the message you (Josina) mentioned that Sarah felt was dismissive and rude and told you about. Now that I know the background of the exchange I absolutely understand your feelings about PSP. I do have to say that we’re ashamed of ourselves on that one and that we’re sorry. We’ve taken quite a beating over the last few months about the new membership fee and this was one time our frustration showed through. Regardless, it was inappropriate and not in character for Park Slope Parents.

I’m sincerely sorry you had this experience. I notice that you decided not to follow through on the complimentary membership, which I can understand. It is unfortunate for the whole community, though, so if you decide to change your mind, we’d love to have you on board.


Susan Fox

Founder, Park Slope Parents

I am still quite confused. I was never offered a complimentary membership to PSP. So I wrote Ms. Fox back stating as such:

Dear Susan,

Thank you for your email. I appreciate your acknowledgment of the situation. I am confused because I was never offered a complimentary membership to PSP.

I was contacted with regard to volunteering in order to secure a membership; however, I was not offered a complimentary membership.

Thank you for your time.


Sarah Fader

I am now awaiting a response from Ms. Fox. I will keep you all posted.


  1. I had to go and see what the original debacle was. I did something like that once, though nowhere near as bad. Someone wrote me about their kids in a certain town. I forwarded it to the director of that community with the message "One of yours?" by which I meant "Is the kid in this email a member in your area?" BUT... I accidentally hit reply instead of send (only time I've ever done that to my knowledge) and the woman who wrote me was very confused by my reply. (She wasn't writing from a good place to start with and this didn't help matters any!)

    At least I didn't write, "Do you want to reply before we delete her ass?"

  2. Ah email! There is always a faux pau waiting to happen with it. Your story is pretty funny too!


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