Friday, June 5, 2009

Free Baby Body Care - Earth's Best!

As a mom who is attempting to live on a limited budget, I am always excited when I find free or low cost baby products.

I received an email today from my favorite baby food company, Earth's Best with an exciting promotion; a free Baby Body Care kit by Jason. I am committed to caring for my son using natural and organic baby products. Jason's products are self described as "natural, pure and organic."

To receive the free kit you have to:
--Collect $15 worth of proof of purchase bar codes from your Earth's Best products
--Write a check or money order for $1.95 to cover the shipping cost.
--Send the completed package to Earth's Best.

For more detailed information about the promotion, click here.


  1. I did that this winter, and I just have to tell you how disappointed I am. After collecting 75$ worth of receits and submitting it to Eart's Best, I got the envelope in return after 2 weeks. They just wrote on my envelope that the offer was closed! I got really mad, as I had collected receits for 3 months and there clearly wasn't a deadline for submitting the receits, the only thing was that the offer was only valid for receits collected between 01.01.09-03.31.09. Boooo to Earth's Best!! I used to love you, but now I hate you.... And I still want my Jason products!! (Sorry, I'm still upset)

  2. Oh no! That's terrible. I am going to write to them and let them know that I want two!

  3. It is good to pool ideas and tips though.

  4. This is true. We learn from sharing information!


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