Monday, April 27, 2009

Now Hear This: New York City Citizens Help Mom With Stroller!

Today my son and I took a journey from Brooklyn to the illustrious Manhattan. Our mode of transportation: the good old fashioned New York City subway system.

I strapped him into his stroller and hit the road.

Thankfully, my subway station is handicapped accessible so we were able to use the elevators to travel from the street level to the subway level with my son securely fastened in his stroller.

The trouble arrived when I made it to my destination stop. There was no elevator to speak of, and I was going to have to do the inevitable: carry my son in his stroller up the subway stairs.

Until a nice gentleman came to my rescue and asked

"You need help with that, miss?"
"Yes!" I replied instantaneously.

And with that he transported my son up the stairs.

During the course of my journey, several other strangers assisted me with my stroller. And I didn't even have to solicit their help. They willingly volunteered their services.

And they say New Yorkers are rude and unhelpful!

It just goes to show you. There are some decent people out there, and some of them live in New York City.


  1. Remember when i was coming to see you and i helped those ladies who both had strollers? There seems to be a lack of elevators at subway stops! What if someone was in a wheelchair?!!

  2. You are a helper! Seriously, what's up with the lack of elevators in these subway stations?

  3. I dunno if this is messed up but unless I am late for work I ALWAYS help women with strollers.. after I watch for a few seconds to see if a man is going to help first.
    I do the same thing with giving up my seat to pregnant ladies.

  4. I am the same way!! I feel like men SHOULD offer first. But they usually do.

    Today I didn't need to ask anyone for help, but there have been other days when I have solicited a man's help with a stroller and (in my experience) they NEVER say no!

  5. I'm the same way. I try to help women with strollers or give up my seat to pregnant women. A little courtesy and decency goes a long way. BTW ... Ari is a-dorable in that photo.

  6. Rita, I couldn't agree more. I wish the whole world was like that.

    Ari says "Thank you." And he thinks maybe his cuteness has influenced people to assist with the stroller in subway situations.

  7. New Yorkers really want to help. They know how hard it is to live in the city. But I am sure it helps if your are cute.


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