Monday, August 19, 2013

Win a Robot Backpack From Crocodile Creek

It's back to school time y'all! I wrote to Bill over at Crocodile Creek and asked if he'd be willing to do a backpack giveaway. He graciously said yes!

Today I am giving away this totally awesome robot backpack!

Your kids want this.

What I love about this backpack:

  • It's large enough to fit a standard sized folder 
  • It has a designed water bottle slot on the side
  • It's sturdy and well constructed
  • It's colorful and awesome!

Ari is obsessed with robots, so this is pretty much the perfect backpack for him.

If your child likes flowers more than robots (and you win this giveaway) this beautiful backpack goes to you:

Enter to win below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Giveaway open to U.S. residents only


  1. I'm excited that the kids will be entertained all day so I won't have to hear I'M BOOORRRRRED!!

  2. I'm excited FOR Nolan, for him getting to make new friends! I know he's going to love his first year :)

  3. Hmm, what do I love most? To be honest I kind of like when T is out of school, because then our schedule is more wide open to be spontaneous (and I don't have to wake up earlier and sit in traffic on the way to her school). However, I do like hearing her come home with stories of what she did, or seeing all the crafts she made for me. That's probably the best part for me.

  4. I am so nervous about Peter going to middle school. I thought it was awesome that he got skipped a grade but now he is one of the youngest going into sixth grade.

  5. Yes, also making the new friends. So important in the early years.


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