Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Win a Copy of Unstuff Your Life! An Interview With Andrew Mellen, Professional Organizer!

Today I interviewed Andrew Mellen, professional organizer.

I met him at BlogHer13' through Jason Mayo, who writes at Outnumbered.

Andrew and I met at Four and Twenty Blackbirds, one of the best pie places in the universe. Our goals were to do the interview about organization and then eat as much pie as humanly possible. We accomplished both goals.

Andrew talked about his organizational concept, the Organizational Triangle:
1. One home for everything - Everything in your house has a place it belongs.
2. Like with like - All cosmetics go in one box
3. Something in, something out - Do not bring something into your home unless you know what it is replacing and where it will live.

Want to know more? Watch my interview with Andrew below:

Enter to win a copy of Unstuff Your Life below!

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Andrew is running a series of back to school webinars! Get organized before your kids go back to school!  For more information, check out his site here. 


  1. I want to win this book because my life is sorely in need of organization...

  2. I want to win this book because my house is the early stages of earning me a spot on Hoarders....

  3. I want to win the book because I've worked with Andrew before on-line; he was quite good there...let's see how he writes...I presume at least as well as
    he organizes and speaks. jeff shapiro

  4. I need this book, Andrew because as you see I can't even organize myself to get my cute photo up on this post! Help!!

  5. I want to win this book so I can rule the world! The world being MY HOUSE.

  6. I just caught Andrew on TV and he had such great organizing tips. I need help with my apartment and organizing and hope I can win Andrew's book.

  7. Ok, so...I don't know what happened but I used to be the least cluttered person ever. I was a freak about throwing stuff away, Goodwilling, etc. I still do Goodwill runs every couple months, but I feel like my stuff is starting to consume me. After my second child was born, and I was trying to survive my senior year of college, something happened: I gave up on my house. Stuff accumulated, things no longer had a "home" and ended up all over the place. I need help to get back on track!


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