Sunday, August 4, 2013

Astrology -A Calling

I've been studying astrology since I was 10 years-old. I remember standing in a new age bookstore with my mom on 88th street and Columbus Avenue looking for the perfect book to learn astrology from.

A salesgirl recommended "Write Your Own Horoscope" by Joseph Goodavage.

My mom bought me the book and I took it home. I spent hours reading about moon signs. I knew my moon was in Virgo so that meant that I couldn't stop thinking and analyzing.

I looked up everyone's birthday I knew.
I was ravenous for astrological knowledge. I was unstoppable.

My love for astrology continued into high school, college and adulthood.

I would look up anyone's chart who was interested on

I had a few formal astrological readings where I had my chart formally done. One was by a reiki practitioner and healer, Rosie, and another with Christine, an astrologer that I used to cat sit for.

Despite my passion for astrology, I've never had a formal teacher or astrological mentor.

When I went to BlogHer, I was at it again!
I did countless people's charts including one of the co-founders of BlogHer.

I knew this was my calling.

I contacted Christine, who had moved out to California. I asked her if she would be my mentor.
"Oh sweetie, I would love to help you, but I literally just don't have the time."
Christine is studying in a holistic psychology school and raising a little girl.

Though she couldn't be my mentor, she did point me in the right direction. She recommended a local astrology organization that offered classes!

I checked out the site, and I found a teacher. I am so excited!

My first private lesson starts in September.

If I've ever done your chart, you know how much I love this stuff.

This is my calling.

Wish me luck.

What sign are you?


  1. You know my sign better than I know my sign. And my husbands haha. Give us a reading, would ya???

  2. Totally Jess! Email me your birthdays including where you were born and what time?

  3. Would you do my chart??? I'd love it, if we met and talked it over.

    Sophia aks Sophiqua Jenkins

  4. Sweet. my email is I was born 5/22/82 and when I asked my mom what time I was born, she was vague. I was born 3mths permature and I'm certain she was just too busy dealing with that whole craziness to really remember. not to mention, my birth certificate is a copy and doesnt have the time.


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