Monday, August 12, 2013

Two Scorpios and One Pitbull for Adoption

Today I set out to get a muffin at Blue Sky and I ran into this beautiful dog named Cookie:

Cookie is being fostered by Saul and Mike, a lovely Scorpio couple who live in Park Slope. They were both born November 3rd! We spent 45 minutes standing in front of Blue Sky talking about their astrological charts. 

Anyway, I really wanted to adopt Cookie. But my dad would kill me. So instead I'm writing about her and putting her into the universe for someone else to love. 

If you want her, she's available! She's the best dog ever. 

Look at her!

Cookie is about a year old and super sweet. If I had to guess her sign, I'd go with Cancer. 

Post a comment if you're interested in adopting her OR just tell me how cute she is!


  1. Is there anything, anything, I could tell you to make you beleive that Astrology is bogus pseudo science without offending you? Anyone can believe what they want, but Astrology bugs my rational brain. I like telling fairy tales to my daughter, but I don't take then literally. Nice dog though. I would adopt it if i didn't live in the city and have to pick up the poop.

  2. I love this dog. This blog is barely about astrology. But how would you like it if I insulted a hobby you had constantly?

  3. Thanks dude. And you know we're cool :) MTG forever!

  4. My problem with astrology is the same as my problem with religion. I simultaneously totally believe it and don't at all. I weigh the pros and the cons and come up even so I can never fully believe in anything even when I want to. Probably because I am a Libra...sigh...

  5. Yes yes yes! I totally understand. I would say it is because you're a Libra. :) Ha ha ha!


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