Friday, July 31, 2009

Ari Discovers The Webcam

After several fruitless attempts to get my son away from the computer, I decided to embrace his obsession with this particular technology. Instead of letting him blindly bang on the keyboard, I had another plan. I introduced him to the webcam where he could see himself on the computer screen. Needless to say he was fascinated. See for yourself in this video:


  1. Learning about technology is getting younger and younger-14 months. Cute solution to the "I wanna play with the computer toy Mom."

  2. Nelson loved this, started waving and I am pretty confident that he was saying "hi Ari" -- no kidding! So cute.

  3. Great point, mom! Technology is getting younger and younger.

    I'm so glad Nelson liked it. Now he just needs to send a response video!


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