Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Video Diary of a Toddler

Adults lead busy lives, but so do children; especially toddlers. There is a lot on the agenda for a toddler. Whether it's collecting office supplies and then promptly destroying them, chasing the household pets, or finding out what's inside a box and then eating it, regardless of whether or not it is objectively edible. All of these are part of an exciting day in the life of someone who recently began walking and talks in their own alien language.

Here are three videos of my son doing what he does best; being a toddler:

1. Reinforcing the Importance of Office Supplies

2. Getting Ready For Vegas

3. Appreciating a Cold Beverage


  1. Ah the life of a toddler! Working in an office, preparing for Vegas, and drinking from a cup. Everything is a learning experience. Ari seems to be a method actor. Good job Ari and Mom.

  2. It is a lot of work, being a toddler. But he's up to the task...


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