Friday, July 17, 2009

A New Friend Named Rupert

For the past few weeks my son has been waking up at night and screaming. I'm not sure of the cause, but I have a sense that it is because he is lonely. So my solution: give him a fuzzy friend to ease the pain.

He is a platypus and his name is Rupert. My son loves him. He has made going to sleep easier. When it is time to take a nap or go to sleep for the night, I hand him Rupert and all is well in the world.

So those of who are dealing with night separation anxiety from your child, try a stuffed animal friend! He/She just might help ease the bedtime blues.


  1. Obviously from the photos, happiness is a platypus named Rupert. Such a gentle story. Life should always be that easy.

  2. Omg, Z can't sleep without one! Or twenty!

  3. Ha ha! I can just imagine Z and her twenty furry friends. So cute.

    And yes, mama, Rupert the Platypus = happy baby!

  4. I met Rupert! He's a cool dude!

    When the kids were little and concerned with the possibility of nighttime monsters, Alana gave them the "sword of doom" to ward them off. That was rather empowering! Keep it in mind for future use.

  5. I like the "sword of doom." That one will certainly come in handy in a few years :p. Ari needs to have his own arsenal of tricks in case monsters under the bed try to mess with him.


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