Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Reading, Had Me a Blast!

You all know how much I love the Brooklyn Public Library. There are so many reasons why I love it. The access to free books, the kids events and now this; The Summer Reading Program.

My friend Josina told me about this program that is exclusively available at the library. And guess what? It's free!

It works like this:

1. You go to the library
2. Head to the children's section
3. Ask to sign up for the Summer Reading program
4. The librarian will hand you all the materials you need.

You will get a "Reading Log," a booklet which is numbered inside from 1 - 30. Here you will write down the 30 books that you read to your son or daughter (or both) over the summer. Next to the title of the books are stars which enable you to rate how much you and your child liked the book you read.

When you have completed the the 30 books, return the booklet and....get this?... you get a prize! To be honest, I don't know what the prize it, but we will find out at the end of the summer and let you know.

You can also sign up for Summer Reading online! Visit: and register your child here. You can login in here and write reviews to the books you've read.

Don't be shy! Sign up for Summer Reading today!


  1. This is a great column/topic. It is a wonderful program that a lot of mothers might not be aware of. Also to show that it can be experienced by a 14 month old is an extra benefit of the blog today. I love the pictures of the" very young reader".

  2. The prize is likely a bookmark; possibly a cardboard bookmark with a picture of a spectacle wearing open-book holding owl that says "Reading is a hoot at the BPL!" Something like that. That's my guess.

  3. I tried to comment on this yesterday, but my login failed for some reason and I didn't have time to re-try.

    Basically, you may have noticed that we like books a little in my family. The library was such a great resource for books (and videos) when the kids were little and we needed quick turnover. I kind of miss being able to browse the library like I used to. (I'm rarely home when one is open and our local branch is kind of "eh" anyway.)

  4. Good call, Minty! I think I recall receiving something like this, back in the day,

    Jack, the library does have odd hours sometimes. The Central branch near me is so awesome though, and appears to be always open. It also has stellar air conditioning.


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