Friday, October 4, 2013

Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies) - By Jill Smokler -AKA Scary Mommy - A Review

"You'll sleep more when the kids get older."
"Parenting strengthens a marriage."
"It gets easier!"
"It's just a phase."
"Parents have all the answers."

These are some of the lies that people innocently (or not so innocently) offer to new parents to make them feel better about parenthood. Jill Smokler debunks these statements in her book: Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies). 

I loved reading this book. I was laughing or nodding internally with each page. I have my own confession to make, I actually sat my children in front of the TV several times so that I could sneak away to my bedroom to read. That's how good it is. 

So if those statements above aren't true, then what is?

Motherhood is never sleeping because every hour one of these things happens:
1. A child climbs into your bed.
2. Your kid is sleeping in your bed and kicks you in the face.
3. Your other child peed on herself and needs to be changed. 
4. Your husband is snoring so loudly through all of this that you want to murder him. 

Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies) makes moms feel sane. It makes you feel less guilty for wanting to pee in peace or being annoyed by your kids because they want something and you just want to take a nap.

One of my favorite parts of the book is entitled "Five Hours in The Life of a Stay at Home Mom."
Here are some of the things that occur within this time period:
"5:24 Get kicked in the face by toddler"
"5:31 Get kicked in the thigh by toddler"
"8:19 Enter grocery store find bananas, coffee, and Advil." P. 121-123 Motherhood Comes Naturally (and other vicious lies). 

This book would make an awesome baby shower gift or a present for an already experienced mom who knows what's up. 

Without further ado, I will pass this book on to my dear friend Lea Grover over at Becoming Super Mommy. She won it during a chat session on OS/NS Mom! 

So what are you waiting for go read Jill's book! You will laugh your ass off!

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