Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Send Me to BlogHer- I'm Going to Do This!

A little while ago, I wrote a post called I'm Not a Blog Rock Star. I talked about the fact that I'm a real person who copes with social anxiety.

Even though I share a lot about my life online, I'm afraid to go to parties and be in large groups.

There's a big conference coming up for bloggers in July. It's called BlogHer. It happens every year, and can never afford to go because I've been a SAHM for five years and (even though I'm also freelancer and substitute teacher) I don't make very much money at all.

I started a grassroots campaign to send myself to BlogHer.

If you enjoy reading what I write, if I make you laugh, if you love me, please donate to send me to BlogHer. There are awesome prizes for every level of donation. If you have any suggestions for additional incentives for donating please comment below.

Without further ado, here's the campaign link. My goal is to raise $650 to attend BlogHer. With your help I can take this blog to the next level.

Send Sarah Fader to BlogHer

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