Sunday, April 14, 2013

Magna-Tiles- The Obsession

I love Magna-Tiles. Yes, I'm 33 years-old and I love them as much as a four year-old does. I love them more than blocks and more than Legos. No disrespect to either building toy.

Ari loves Magna-Tiles just as much as I do.

His Pre-K teacher told me that she's never seen a four year-old create the structures that Ari has created with Magna-Tiles.

The Magna-Tile people don't know that I'm writing this. 

Here are some of Ari's Magna-Tile creations:

Replicating the model on the box

The Egyptian Pyramids

A Skateboard Ramp

The trophy for winning the race off of the Skateboard ramp race

Oh Magna-Tiles, you're so awesome!

Does your kid love Magna-Tiles? What are some of the things that he/she has created with them?

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