Friday, January 25, 2013

Samara Turns Two and I Embrace Her

Samara turned two on January 22nd. We visited my parents in Florida to celebrate and then Wil's family in Texas.

Samara and I have been fighting a lot lately. She wants to run in the street and I tell her she can't. She wants to stick her hand in the electrical socket and I inform her sternly that that's a terrible idea.

But I realized something about my girl on this trip. Despite her predilection for danger, she just wants to explore and have adventures. She wants to have fun.

She shows me every day that the most mundane things can be made into a fun time. For example, climbing on an airport baggage ramp can be exciting...

Until it starts moving. Then it's time to get to find something else to do. 

I've given up the idea that I can "tame" her wild side. Of course, I have to shield her from danger, but Samara is an adventurer. 

That's just her.

She loves to explore, learn, try, and do.

And I embrace that. 

I will learn from her fearless nature.


  1. I love the idea of supporting that wonderfully adventuring gorl. It is such a delicate balance tp let her discover the world and herself and still protecting her. But i know u can and will do it. Also i think she will learn some things frpm now til 3 and make it easier on her poor parents. Here's to 2 yeat olds and their patents and grandparentd. Love. Grandma

  2. Happy birthday to the fearless wonder! Theo loves those carousels as well. Ahem...!

  3. She is so sweet! My baby is two too and sure does act like it. It's a fun but crazy age!


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