Monday, October 31, 2011

Aunt Mimi's & Uncle Mike's Letter

Recently, Ari and I wrote a letter to his Aunt Mimi & Uncle Mike. Well, the NYC mail system finally came through, and we received a letter back. I say that because it literally took a week for our letter to get to Aunt Mimi & Uncle Mike, in Manhattan, and a week for their letter to get back to us in Brooklyn. Currently, we get our mail at 7pm, which couldn't be a more inconvenient time. If I get a check in the mail at 7pm, I can't deposit it that day!

Our UPS man, Patrick, was telling us that the word on the street is that the USPS mail system may privatize. That means the mail system in New York will get even worse than it currently is. He's a UPS man, but he has USPS friends. I've never met our mail person, because I'm eating dinner, and putting Samara to bed when this person arrives.

Anyhow, here is Aunt Mimi & Uncle Mike's fantastic letter, in a montage of pictures. Aunt Mimi drew two pictures as well and included them with the letter. One of them is a picture of our family, and the other is a picture of my brother Jonathan and his family. They are amazing!

Thank you Aunt Mimi & Uncle Mike, Ari will write back soon. The stickers ended up all over Ari's legs.

Who have you written a letter to lately?


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