Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Department of Vital Records Strikes Again

When we first received Samara's birth certificate there was error on it. So, like any neurotic Jewish mother would do, I trekked down to the hospital with the two kids to get the error fixed. The error, in case you were interested, was that the time of birth was listed as 10:07 am, when Samara was actually born at 8:06 pm.

A month later we received this envelope:

I opened it to find this:

Which made me feel like this:

The Department of Vital Records is jumping rope on my last nerve. I guess I'll have to make a second trip into Manhattan and fill out yet another correction form! As if I didn't have enough going on.

I wonder what the next version of this document is going to look like. Maybe she'll be born at 2am!

I can only hope they get it right this time.


  1. This is so funny! Have they no brains over there? Do you have to forfeit the old certificates each time?

  2. Why bother though? They have the date right, you'll always know at what time of day she was born. Why give yourself the unnecessary task of jumping back into that annoying bureaucratic cesspool for a mistake that's only on paper? Worst case scenario, Samara gets her driver's license 12 hours earlier!

  3. Amanda- Yeah, each time I have to return the old ones with a correction form.

    Zahir- That's an interesting point. I wonder if it really makes a difference to change the time. Probably not. I'm kind of afraid I'll forget when she was born when I get old! HA! I also love the phrase "bureaucratic cesspool!" Tee hee!

  4. My parents had a similar problem with my little sister's birth certificate. It said that she was born on May 12th when she was actually born on May 13th. My parents decided not to bother with it, and proceeded to celebrate on the 13th. When she was old enough to understand they told her about it and she thought it was kind of neat.

  5. That's so funny and cause for multiple celebrations!

  6. I agree with Zahir, just let it be and tell Samara over and over that it's meant to be PM not AM so she'll remember. It'll be one of those good stories she can tell her friends!

  7. Yeah, you're right. Maybe you guys agree because you have the same birthday!

    I just want to have a (correct) record of it for my own sanity.


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