Sunday, December 12, 2010

Potty Training Day Two Part Deux- Potty Training and Multi-Tasking Don't Mix

Despite the yellow paint incident, things were going so well today. I took Ari to the toilet every 30 minutes and he peed each time. He wasn't thrilled about visiting the bathroom so frequently, often screaming "No! No potty!" But he peed and received a toy car when he did; that was alright in his book.

Then I got cocky. Since things were going so well, I thought, why not multi-task? I decided to do 18,000 loads of laundry. I dragged my little toilet monster downstairs to my parent's house, put on an favorite episode of Blue's Clues for the boy and loaded up the washing machine and dryer. As I was bending my enormous pregnant belly down to reach the clothes in the dryer, I smelled something funny.

I thought the smell might be the cat litter, so I dismissed my superhero-esque pregnant bloodhound sense.

I went to check in on Ari and as soon as he spotted me he announced:
"Mommy! I went poopie!"
" need to go poop or you went poop?" I asked hopefully.
"I went poopie over there!" He repeated and pointed to his underwear and the exact location in the living room where he squatted down to do his dirty work.

I sighed a long old person's sigh, and when I was done, I took care of the pressing situation and gave the poop monster a bath.

A word to the wise, if you're potty training don't try to do anything else but the task at hand. Laundry + potty training = :-(

Day 3 should be interesting.


  1. :\ It's hard. I haven't had the determination to even do ONE day going every half hour! That's a good idea, but I know we'd never do it. I try to do the underwear thing but she doesn't go on her own. Sometimes she does, but not when she's in a diaper. And then of course sometimes I forget to put her in underwear when she's home and/or we have to go out and she has to be in a diaper again anyway. :|

  2. It is hard! Oh, don't get me wrong, he HATES going every half hour. The only way to get him to do it, is with bribery, cars, TV, food. Terrible. I'm recycling the cars so that we don't have to buy more. I'm evil.

  3. I'm not looking forward to switching to underwear. Not good times.


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