Thursday, March 3, 2011

Who Put Me in Charge?

Everybody is asleep right now, and I'd just like to take a moment to admit that I'm freaking out.

I keep thinking things like:
"Is this real?"
"Do I really have two small creatures that are solely dependent on me?"
"Who put me in charge here?"
"It's an elaborate joke, right?"

First of all, it's a miracle that everyone is asleep at the same time, and by everyone, I mean, Ari, Wil and Samara.

Here are the highlights from today so far:
  • Samara has a cold, again.
  • Ari wants to go outside and it's like Antarctica out there
  • We running dangerously low on baby wipes
  • So far Ari asked for Pancakes, but only ate 1 % of a pancake I made, instead he opted for Goldfish, Cheerios, and 1/16 of a Stonyfield Farm smoothie.

I'm afraid for everyone to wake up because then it means:
1. Everything is real.
2. I have to tend to everyone but myself, and I'm officially overwhelmed.

The hardest part of this whole situation is nursing. Ari sees that I'm busy with Samara and instantly wants attention. I explain to him that I have to feed the baby, but he is unrelenting.

Well, I'd better go before they all wake up.

It's going to get easier right?


  1. LOL!!! I totally feel you!!

    The one plus to my situation was that Z didn't ask for attention so overtly since she couldn't talk yet!! But I also think that at this age, it's easier for them to all sleep at once because newborns are ALWAYS sleeping. Yes, there are times they don't sleep when the "big kids" do, and that's rough. But as they get older the big kids stop sleeping, and the younger ones sleep is more erratic too. But yes, some things get easier...I hope...

  2. Seriously, newborns sleep so much! I wish I could nap while she was napping. In fact, I should nap now, but these people are losing the entire day sleeping. Oh well, I'll probably be up all night anyway.

  3. You'll be fine. Try to spend the time when they are sleeping to relax rather than worry yourself to death. Hope things get easier for you.

  4. keep your spirits up. it is so hard, plus your added challenge of wil's night shift. it does go quickly. someone told me that the years/months go by quickly but the days are long. that helps me sometimes. that and wine. (haha, before i got knocked up, of course)

  5. Dude, my newborn NEVER slept. I was angry because when I was pregnant everyone said, "oh, newborns sleep all the time." Bull. Tahira was staying awake for 12 hours straight as a newborn and it killed me. I wonder what baby #2 will do. I am terrified to have a non-napper again.

    I think you're doing wonderfully, at least from what I can tell on your blogs and from talking to you on the phone. I don't think parenting ever gets easier, it just gets different. Everything is a phase. Luckily nursing doesn't last forever so that problem will eventually go away.

    Poor Samara and her cold, I didn't even know she got sick already :( Boo. Stupid Winter weather.

  6. One breath at a time. And don't forget to cry and eat chocolate! :o)

  7. Amanda, I like to think that if you're graced with a non-napper first, that whatever higher power, or spiritual belief you have, you'll be graced with a good napper the second time. That's how it worked for me.

    I know we've talked about this, but by six months, it gets easier. You're 1 month + in. And it'll get warmer soon. Just try not to feed the negative attention seeking (easier said than done, believe me, I know), and gush over the positive attention seeking.

  8. It's hard adjusting to life with two. But you will work out a routine. The only thing that makes it easier is to do it.

    Good luck. :-)

  9. I'm going to go ahead and say it gets easier, because that's what I've heard. I was just talking to a mom of three today and she said, "It's the ones who don't admit to struggling and sometimes wanting to strangle their kids who you have to worry about." So, in other words, the fact that you are putting it out there that this is hard and overwhelming works in your favour. Good luck, and may the force be with you!

  10. I totally agree with Statia! For me, it was 3 months only because that's when it got nice outside (my second turns 1 in two weeks and my oldest turns 3 tomorrow!). Once we could get outside, it was SO much better....for everyone!

    As for the nursing, I used to let Trenton bring a book and sit next to me while I nursed. I read to him and he didn't seem to mind that Ainsley was getting my attention. I also would let him curl up with me and watch a special show (we don't watch a lot of Tav here) with me. These books and "movie time" made Trenton feel like nursing was a treat for him too. After about 2-3 months, he could care less that I was nursing.

    Hang in there...and remember, no good moms go this by themselves. Schedule some play dates to hold you over until it gets nice our so Ari doesn't drive you crazy. And send Samara to your parents at least once a week and do dome thing special just you and Ari.....and vice versa. Everyone will benefit.

  11. Yuck sorry about all the brain is coated with cupcake frosting for the bday party :)


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