Wednesday, March 16, 2011

BioGaia Tells Colic Who's Boss!

Samara is a colicky baby, there is no doubt. I've been at my wits end here trying to to soothe her. There have been days where she's cried for over five hours. It's rough. One of my Canadian readers, Sara, suggested I try BioGaia Probiotic drops for colic.

I googled them, ordered them to my local pharmacy and gave them a go.

I am happy to report that they resulted in this:

And then this:

So thank you BioGaia and thank you Sara for the recommendation! My baby feels better and I have a sense of relief.


  1. Oh my gosh she looks SO much like Ari, it's crazy. I have heard of that brand before, glad it works. I love her hoodie.

  2. She really does look like him! YAY! I'm so glad they work!


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