Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Help! The TV is Taking Over

I am heading into my second trimester of pregnancy and, unfortunately for me, my level of exhaustion is still high. Ari, my little roving two year old, has no shortage of energy. This presents a problem. In my current physical state (being three months pregnant) I lack the energy to chase after him. In fact I was so exhausted and hyper-emotional about my lack of "mom energy" that I called my friend Josina (mother of Ari's best friend, Nelson) crying because all I could seem to do was put Ari in front of Blue's Clues and lie on the couch.

Josina was very supportive and listened to my sad story. She said something that really stuck with me:
"Kids need structure. He is probably happy to watch all that TV, but he is also probably confused as to why you are suddenly allowing him to do so."

I agree with Josina. I have to come up with activities that Ari can do while I lie on the couch being pregnant and tired. Please post a comment with an activity idea for me to try!

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  1. My sons loved building blocks/Duplo blocks. They would large chunks of time building stuff. Throw in a few "guys" (action figures) and then it add to the time.

  2. Sorry you're so tired. I think it gets a little better after this, until you get ginormous and then the exhaustion comes back. I remember napping like twice a day because I just could not function otherwise. Next time I wont be so lucky :( I wish I had some ideas for you!! The only things I keep thinking of are messy and that isn't so great for a tired mama.

  3. I assume no single activity is going to hold his attention for the long time TV does. Maybe have an activity box/bag and switch them out when he gets bored? coloring books? cars? blocks?

    Also what about blues clues computer games? they are free on the website, more interactive/educational and you can play them with him on the couch.

  4. Amanda: It's okay. It will pass. I just need some temporary solutions to get through this period of time.

  5. unfortunately, I left ALL my preschool resources in the preschool classroom, but here are a few thoughts (assuming developmentally delayed 3 year olds like similar things to regular 2-year olds.) most of them have a mess factor, but it is hard to avoid that at this developmental stage.
    -homemade playdough is easy, non-toxic and keeps them occupied for hours
    -ditto for "oobleck" made of cornstarch and water (on a tray or cookie sheet)
    -get a roll of butcher block paper, because then you can tape huge sheets to the floor and let him have at it with crayons, etc without having to keep replacing the paper
    -a big basin of water with boats, cups and utensils for pouring, etc. You can get special toys, but almost anything works. Sand is also good but harder to want to clean up
    -you can have him fill bottles with beans (large enough not to worry about choking) and they can be musical instruments later if you can stand the noise (some kids will just continuously dump and refill. It's good fine motor practice.
    -Cars and blocks of all kinds are also usually good for a long time. Also great is a train track. You have to set it up, but kids will run a train around a track a long time.
    -simon says and mini-scavenger hunts require you to talk and him to perform (touch your nose, etc, find me the red car) if he has enough words. There are great children't CDs with songs that ask the kids to follow directions. My favorites were a group called Greg and Steve, you can probably order them online
    You have probably thought of some or all of these, but there it is.
    also, mint is right about the blue's clues website. Most kiddie shows have good games on line. We particularly liked sesame street's in our room. You might also try, which has lots of alphabet and pre-reading activitiies. my kids were obsessed with it


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