Friday, July 23, 2010

The Firemen Visit Pre-School and Ari Ignores Them

I was disproportionally excitied about today. Today was the day that the FDNY (Fire Department of the City of New York) was visiting Ari's pre-school. I thought he would be as excited as I was, and he fooled me into believing that this was the case. All morning he was running around the living room yelling "firemen!"
Wil asked him "Are you going to see the firemen today?"
"Yes!" He replied triumphantly.

We got on the train and headed to pre-school. The minute I pushed the stroller onto the subway car, he demanded to sit in an actual seat.

In order to get him into the seat, I had to do this to my stroller:

A woman saw me taking pictures and must have assumed I was a tourist. She asked:
"Would you like me to take a picture of you guys?"
"Sure, why not?" I replied. Ari was suspicious of her real motivation.

We got off the train and took the bus across town.

We arrived at school and in came the firemen!

They even had tools and uniforms!

I was excited. "Look Ari, firemen! Do you want to see the firemen?" I asked him.
"No!" He said. With that he promptly took a toy truck and ran away.

"Ari, look! They have suits and masks on!"
"No mommy! Choo-choo!" He screamed and went to play with a train set.

The firemen said goodbye and Ari could have cared less. As a parting gift, they left us with a fire fighting coloring book. After some time, Ari decided that he liked the coloring book.

I was really surprised that he was indifferent about the firemen. Perhaps if there was a real firetruck present he would have been more intrigued.

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  1. Gosh, couldn't they have given you CUTE firemen? Maybe Ari just wanted some firewomen to come instead? Hehe.

  2. This is true! They should have had a firewoman!

  3. I definitely think the fire truck is what makes the visit for toddlers. My almost 2-year-old finds the firefighters kind of frightening, but I can barely pry him out of the truck when he gets a chance to sit in one.

    The moms, on the other hand, all seem to enjoy firefighter visits. When I was a Brownie leader, I never had more mom volunteers than on the firehall field trip. ;)


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