Wednesday, July 21, 2010

An Anonymous Reader Attacks

After I posted I'm Not Married, I received a highly jugmental comment from an anonymous reader. It read like this:

"Anonymous said...

You are the product of how our society has become so immoral......there is no shame now in bringing illegitimate children into the world. We have become a Godless society.....and you my dear are helping us along the road to destruction. People have become soulless and just look to their own pleasures to fill empty lives....this is very sad. "

Here is my response:

"Anonymous - Thank you for your comment. You just proved my point about how self-righteous and judgmental society can be. As for being soulless, I don't know you and I think it unfair for you to make judgments about whether or not I have a soul. I hope you feel better about yourself after posting this comment."

Although the comment was hurtful, I'm glad this person made it. It proves my point: there are still judgmental people out there telling me that I am living in sin.

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  1. Wow, that's incredible. I'm speechless. I guess the good news is your blog is reaching a LOT of people!

  2. That's what I thought too! It's flattering in a way!

  3. You know you've hit the big time when you're getting comments like that lmfao!

  4. Look, as an Orthodox Jew, obviously this is not the way I would choose to run my life. BUT this is NOT MY LIFE!!! How dare someone presume to tell you that you are immoral? Does this person know you? You are truly a good person and you are doing what works for you. Don't listen to haters. They only see what's "wrong" and not what's good in people.

  5. WOW don't you love that shit? She/he? knows nothing about you and if you do or don't get married it really shouldn't matter to them. Society may be more immoral and less caring but being the mother of your children isn't one of the ways that that is happening....maybe being cruel to one another is. Just my opinion.

  6. I hate the term "illegitimate child" as if any child is illegitimate! Just think about that term. It is so incredibly offensive that it makes me cringe.

  7. Wow, you know...this makes me sick. I just read a very interesting quote in a blog the other day, "sometimes people need to stop hugging the baby Jesus so damn tight and remember to hug their fellow man". Amen to that. This person is obviously some kind of religious nut who finds pleasure in making others feel bad for not following his or her beliefs.

    Gosh, this almost makes me want to cry, how can someone call Ari illegitimate? How can ANY child be illegitimate, as if they're just a piece of garbage that means nothing?

  8. Wow!
    Who is this cowardly person? Are they a long time reader? Do they sit and search Google all day with the phrase "not married"?

    If he/she is a regular reader he/she can't have been paying very close attention.
    It isn't like you are sleeping around and dropping babies left and right leaving them to be raised wherever they fall (now I'm the one being judgmental of that lifestyle).

    How is having a family soulless? pleasure seeking? or leading anybody on the road to destruction?

  9. Jeff (Father of Old School New School Mom.)July 21, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    Dear Anonymous

    You are the part of our society that is amoral by making judgments about people based on your twisted sense of what Godlessness means. I believe in marriage but there is no shame now in bringing children into the world without it if that is a person’s choice. What is most important is what kind of parent you are. If this is becoming a Godless society than you must be member because is a Godless act to judge people by your personal prejudices. You are one of the people helping lead us on the road to destruction by attacking loving parents with your prejudices. It is your life that sounds empty and misguided.

    Jeff (Father of Old School New School Mom.)

  10. Alana - Amen! This person is a hater! And thank you that means a loto me. You're right. Who are we to judge hoe other people live their lives?

    Cordy- Exactly! It does no good to be cruel to others. That behavior exemplifies society's demise.

    Josina- I hate that word too. It is so ugly.

    Amanda - I couldn't agree more. What a hurtful thing to say.
    And this person's morals are highly questionable.

    Mint - Yeah, obviously this person doesn't know me at all. And probably is looking to start moral battles with strangers.

    Dad - That is so awesome.

  11. I can see how you would all interpret me as being 'religious, judgemental and a hater', I have merely made an observation of the facts, and seem to have touched a 'raw nerve,' with you all. Maybe this could be a good thing, maybe I'm here to prick your conscience or maybe the Truth is too painful for you, and you all want to hide behind the lie of being 'good kind people'........

  12. Alright Anonymous, you have annoyed me enough with your useless judgements that I am now changing my comment settings. You can no longer remain anonymous. If you believe your view is so morally sound, reveal your identity. Stand by your convictions.

  13. Congrats on #2! So happy for you! It must be hard to be Anonymous - not being able to expand your mind beyond archaic cultural norms and traditions... People like that are the reason I am staying away from any and all religions.

  14. YAY! Thank you Daiva! Congratulations to your upcoming little one!

  15. Jeez! There are people like that all over.
    "Judge not lest ye be judged."
    i am sorry u had to endure that hurtful comment. but at least he made your point...
    I am looking forward to getting to know you more on TWitter and your blog! Nice to meet ya!
    I am Clutteredbrain!

  16. That judge comment was to Anonymous not you..hope U got that..LOL! :)

  17. Gladly.....I have absolutely nothing to hide.

  18. I wonder if the accusations designed to obtain intense responses is what Julie is doing here, and nothing else. Perhaps, that is the only way she can relate. Maybe it is not truth she is looking for but a feeling that she is alive and participating in the world - - when she is standing back and shooting arrows from a safe "anonymous" place at those who are actively living their lives

  19. what a pussy, posting under "anonymous". Dude, there are a lot of troubled people out there, and here is an example of another one, pure and simple

    (this is Jessica from writing)

  20. I didn't get married until AFTER our son was born, and even then, we thought about not. So I've gotten my share of anonymous and not so anonymous comments of the same kind. I think you handled that with a lot of tact and grace.

  21. Thank you Funky Mama Bird! I appreciate that!


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