Thursday, May 27, 2010

You Don't Love Me Anymore!

For the past two years, I've done most everything I do with Ari by my side. And if he wasn't next to me at a given moment, he demanded to be moved so that this situation could be corrected.

Suddenly things have changed. When I'm in the room he wants "Daddy!" When I tell him to take a nap he wants to "Sleep with daddy!" Today after we painted pictures together, I went to check my email and he screamed "grandma!" He demanded to see his grandma until she came upstairs to play with him.

He's asserting his independence from me big time, but I am not ready for this! I'm not sure if he's angry that I've been working a lot and therefore seeking revenge when I am actually here.

It's not all bad. We still play together, but his demands for other people are growing rapidly. I'm not the center of his universe anymore and that makes me sad.

Not only is he demanding other people, but he is on a sleep strike. He hasn't napped for three days in a row.

Is this the "terrible 2's?"

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  1. Omg that sounds like a dream!! Right now Z is still up my butt, she has massive tantrums that are worse when I lock myself in a room to avoid killing her....that's our terrible twos!! :( On another note, I have your stuff so we should get together!

  2. I am with The Unorthodox Mom - love the attention but secretly waiting for a day she goes all DAAADDDYYY! on me.

  3. Yes, ladies, I suppose I will try be grateful for the break.

  4. I know what you mean...since my knee surgery, Nolan hasn't been as "team mommy" as he usually is :0( the other day when he fell and hurt himself; he went to my mom (his gramma) instead! And when I tried to take him (because I CANNOT sit there and listen to him cry without doing anything!) he cried even MORE! Until he started to bite me, I've always been his favourite chew toy. SIGH.

  5. It is sad, inevitable, and all-in-all a good thing to start to be your independent self. But may I suggest, It ain't easy though for anyone

  6. It's healthy for hin to be doing this but I know how you feel. Now, my kid wants to do sleepovers. Sometimes at my house but sometimes not and it' kills me, especially since I don't have her every weekend.

    U want them to be independent but it's hard, so hard when they move away from us.

  7. Jess- I'm so glad you understand how I feel!

    Mom- It is sad but it's good for him to be independent!

    Bernthis- Oh my G-d sleepovers! I don't know how I'll deal with that one!! Yeah, I guess it is healthy and a normal stage of development!


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