Sunday, May 30, 2010

My Pet Monster Scares Ari

My Pet Monster is a 1980's toy that looks like this:

Ari's Uncle Mike passed down his own childhood My Pet Monster toy to Ari. There is a missing item in this picture, My Pet Monster's orange handcuffs. They will be accounted for shortly...

I thought Ari would like My Pet Monster, but he was terrified of him.

But then, he discovered an activity that he could do with My Pet Monster's orange handcuffs:

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  1. LMAO! Oh my; I remember that toy! It WAS scary, my older sister had one and it somehow ended up in our toy box.

    But, good use for those handcuffs...

  2. That is totally 1980's/Jim Henson stuff right here!

  3. I don't remember this monster, but I can understand it being scary. I guess monsters can become friends if they are around long enough. I liked watching Ari putting handcuffs on his pal Egrect.


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