Sunday, May 17, 2009

It's All "Relative"

Ahhh yes the in-laws. If it isn't hard enough to deal with your own family's idiosyncrasies now you have to deal with your partner's family's quirks. They come to stay with you maybe when your baby is born or for special occasions like say a birthday or a major holiday.

For my part, I like my boyfriend's family very much. However, the prospect of accommodating other people in my home is intimidating and causes me anxiety.

What if my house isn't clean enough? What if they are not comfortable and they don't tell me? I'm in a state of constant worry about...well, pretty much everything. The truth is I'm a control freak. And nobody knows my routine like

But, I must say, that the wonderful upside to having family stay with you is...the help!! They love their grandchild/niece/nephew/etc. as much if not more than you do! So they help you with pretty much everything.

My advice to you is, accept it! Even if you are a control freak like me. Because when they leave, you won't have that help anymore. And you'll notice the difference.


  1. You are waayyy too nice! lol. I can't get started on in-laws. :P But I do notice that even though many people love the kids, I don't always feel totally comfortable to relax and slack off a bit, like some people are watching you and judging you more than others, and that really stinks!!! Especially cuz you don't feel like you have that extra help then!

  2. Sounds like the inlaw visit was beneficial and everybody won. That is nice for all involved. Glad it worked out so well. What a waste of worry, right.


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