Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Response to Cat Antics

I've received a few responses to The Cat Antics blog. One was from Mint, stating that she was dissatisfied with the picture of Egreck because it didn't accurately depict the image of baby and kitty sleeping together. I wholeheartedly agree with her on that one.

It's too bad that I didn't have a camera ready at 4am to catch those two in action. :p

However, I also received a response from Cordy saying that the same situation happened to her; she caught her cat, Piotr Lev, and her baby in the crib together. So I asked her to send me a picture of this event to post on my blog. That way the readers will know that I am not alone.

Also, it will satisfy Mint's craving for a baby/kitty crib picture. Although, Pitor Lev, is clearly awake in this photo. Sorry Minty.

So here it is:


  1. When Yitz was a baby, our then-cat, Smokey, would not go in the crib. Once, my mother-in-law tried to put him in the crib (because she thought it would be "cute") and he FREAKED OUT. He knew he didn't belong there.


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