Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Taste of Wool Part 13

"What I have to reveal to you is not of a humorous nature." I said calmly. "There are several reasons why I must disclose what I am about to disclose. But enough of the previews, on to the feature presentation." I paused and then I said very slowly "You are not real."

"Who's not real?" Urie asked incredulously.
"All of you, Terrence, Harry, and you, James Urie, are not real beings. This school, Rutherford Bacon Elementary School is fabricated; it's not real. Mz. Sweeny's breasts are not real. I created everything you see before you, from the snot in Urie's nose to the hair on Terrence's head, to the crazy look in Harry's eyes right now."

At that moment, Urie and Terrence turned to face Harry.

"I invented everything you see around you."
"So nothing here is real?" Urie asked.
"That is correct." I replied.
"Harry did you know about this?" Urie asked, his voice trembling.

Harry stared wide-eyed at Urie and said nothing. If he could have spoken at that moment, he would have yelled "BLOORRG!" However, the power of speech escaped him just then.
"Yes he knew." I answered for him. "Why do you think the school officials think that he's crazy? Wouldn't you go a little bonkers if you found out that your entire reality was false?" I realized that I was being a little insensitive just then. After all, I was telling Urie that very truism; Urie's entire reality was specious.

"But if everything isn't real? are you real?" Terrence asked.


This is Part 13 of my story A Taste of Wool. I will be revealing new part of the story each Wednesday as a part of Wool Wednesdays. Click here to read part 12. And please post comments on what you think so far!


  1. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT??????? The plot thickens! But... how could what I just read be fabricated? And I got to know and love them! Oh, Fader! Can't you do a bonus?

    1. If I do a bonus, it will be the end!! Should I do it?

    2. The never-ending supsense! Ohhhhhhh, just listen to your heart!


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