Monday, August 20, 2012

Back To School Giveaway With a Crocodile Creek Lunch Box!

Ari is starting Pre-K in September. I can hardly believe it. I was thinking about the supplies he might need, and one that crossed my mind was a lunch box. I happen to love the Crocodile Creek lunch boxes. They're well made, and they have awesome designs that kids love!

I wrote to Bill over at Crocodile Creek and asked if we could do a back to school giveaway here on OS/NS mom, he graciously accepted!

Ari loves his new Crocodile Creek lunch box!

I mean, what's not to love, right? it's got a race car on it.

Want to see what's inside? I thought you did.

If you're curious to know what Ari's having for lunch, here's the breakdown: a peanut butter and honey sandwich on organic whole wheat bread. The peanut butter has no sodium and is organic and so is the honey, grape tomatoes, water and an organic string cheese.

If you're child prefers lady bugs to race cars, you could opt to win this one instead!
What are you waiting for! Enter to win!
Please post a comment telling which of these you did; each of them counts as an entry:

3. Follow my blog on GFC
6. Tweet this giveaway and link to it in a comment here on my blog.
7. Post on Facebook about the giveaway and mention Crocodile Creek and OS/NS Mom.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday August 28th 2012! Good luck everyone!


  1. Following you on FB and twitter. Also liked Crocodile Creek on FB. And because I am super mega awesome I gave you and crocodile creek a shout out on my FB.

  2. I did all of the above!!! I follow and like Crocodile Creek on Twitter and Facebook, I follow your blog on GFC, like you on FB and follow you on twitter. I also tweeted and Facebooked the giveaway link!

  3. Love the ladybug! Already follow blog and FB!

  4. I liked Crocodile Creek on FB

    I follow you on Twitter

    I like you on FB

    Do I follow this blog on GFC? I'm unsure what that is lol...

  5. I collect lunch boxes too and built a price guide with images and descriptions for all vintage metal lunchboxes here hope it is of some help.



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