Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Taste of Wool Part 7

Terrence Warily hung his coat up on the hook with his name written over it. Urie had written all the children's names on pieces of masking tape in blue permanent marker and taped these individual pieces over each of their hooks in the coat closet. Since Terrence was new to Urie's class, his name was written in red permanent marker as opposed to blue. The reason for this was that Urie had misplaced the blue marker, however Terrence felt that it made him stand out more from the rest of the closet hooks, and the other children in the classroom. It was as if Terrence was the star in a major motion picture entitled "Fourth Grade: Adventures in the Coat Closet."

As Terrence approached the closet to hang up his green fleece jacket, he bumped into a boy who held residency at the masking tape zone next to his.

"Damn boy! Watch where you're goin'!" Shouted Rasheed Brown as he pushed passed Terrence to hang up his red winter jacket in it's rightful spot. Rasheed was the loud mouth of Urie's class. Being a Sagittarius with a moon in Leo, he didn't hesitate to tell anyone at any time what was on his mind. It didn't matter if Rasheed was talking to Terrence or Mz. Sweeny, adult or child, he would let them know what he thought at any given moment.

Urie was quite fond of Rasheed. Most teachers at Rutherford Bacon despised Rasheed's forthright manner, which usually resulted in a fight or two and numerous trips to Mz. Sweeny's office. The trips to Mz. Sweeny's office were pointless, because all Rasheed would do was stare at her breasts the entire time.

"Rasheed?" Mz. Sweeny would ask quietly.
"Huh?" Rasheed did not move his eyes from the sagging squash beneath Mz. Sweeny's blouse.
"Do you want to talk about why you felt the need to hit Nicholas?"
"Not really," Rasheed replied "But I guess you want to." Rasheed looked up directly into Mz. Sweeny's eyes. Mz. Sweeny said nothing, so Rasheed returned to staring at her breasts. After a half hour of this, Mz. Sweeny gave up and returned Rasheed to Urie's classroom, or recess, or music, or whatever activity Rasheed happened to be missing out on in order to get a better look at Mz. Sweeny.


"S-S-sorry," Terrence muttered "I didn't mean to..."
"That's all right," Rasheed said slapping Terrence on the back "You're the new kid, I'll cut you some slack. But don't let me see your ass in my space again, got it?" Rasheed said with a wink.
"Okay..." Terrence began, but Rasheed had already walked away to sit at his desk.


This is part of my short story a Taste of Wool. I will be posting a new portion each wednesday as a part of Wool Wednesday. Today was a bonus for you chickens, since Jenni Chiu requested it, and I love her.


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