Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I'm Not a Blog Rock Star

I've been writing this blog since 2009.

I started it as a way to document my son's life, and then my daughter's life, and of course my life. Then it evolved into something else.

I started doing product reviews. I began actively soliciting companies to send me things to try out and giveaway, because (after all) I am Liz Fader's daughter. My mom is a super Jewish mother and she's also a former public relations executive.

Since 2009, I've connected with some incredible people over the internet.

One of them being the amazing Holly Rosen Fink of Culture Mom Media. I have to give a shout out to her because she's given me countless opportunities to shine. Mad love coming your way, Holly.

Where am I going with this?

I'm a real person. I don't post dolled up instragram pictures of myself. Yeah, I'm totally guilty of taking the occasional selfie, because I'm a lady. But look, my hair is messy in the morning and I require coffee before anyone speaks to me at 6:00am.

This is the internet. The internet is full of fancy attractive bloggers who do fancy things.

I'm not one of those people. 

Sure I love to write. Yes, I would love to make money doing it. But I'm not a fancy person. 

I am a person filled with imperfections and I'm proud of them. I'm also good at some things and I'm proud of those things too. 

That's why, when my mom suggested I go to BlogHer I got scared. 

There are so many "successful bloggers"who attend that conference. 

It's scary to meet new people. Although, once I get into the groove of talking to strangers, I kind of get off on that shit. It's fun to deal with new energies and I love reading people. 

However, I still wonder

Will they think I'm weird?
Will they think I'm funny? I'm pretty fucking funny. But will they realize it?

I go back and forth like the Clash song says:
"Should I stay or should I go?"

If I do go, let's hope there won't be "trouble."

But if I stay will it be double?

I'm not a blog rock star. But I am a real fucking person. Maybe BlogHer is ready for that?


  1. Go to BlogHer... you are in fact weird, a total oddball. But that's exactly what makes you such a great blogger and a great friend for over 13 years.

  2. Zahir, this is why we're friends and I love you.

  3. Isn't being an oddball a prerequisite for being a blogger?! GO! :)

  4. Oh well...if it's a pre-requisite then yeah! Sadly it comes down to a financial issue. I don't have the money.

  5. That's true...I wanted to apply for a scholarship but I missed the deadline! Doh! Maybe something will come along. Or there is next year!

  6. You were one of the first bloggers I followed - I like the authentic, the 'real" the quotidian, if I were to use a big word! I'm actually TRYING to post daily just to see what comes out and give a more genuine picture of life with child. I confess to being very enamoured with the nostalgic and the beauty of being a child through my child. I've been accused of showing too much of the good but I can't help myself. Hey ... I feel a blog post coming on! And sidenote: You are more than ready for BlogHer!

  7. Harriet! You were one of the first bloggers I followed TOO! I love your blog and I love seeing Theo grow up. I cry a little when I read the interview I did with you :). Have you ever been to BlogHer?

  8. BlogHer is for EVERY BLOGGER. There are long-time bloggers, newbie bloggers, well-known bloggers, bloggers who have small followings, bloggers from every genre. I hope you'll come! Follow the #BlogHerNewbie hashtag on Twitter, too, and if you have any questions you can tweet Momo or me at @BlogHer! :)

    Hope to see you in the Windy City! :)

    Social Media Researcher

  9. Hey Melisa! So sweet of you to be welcoming :).

    I would love to go! But unfortunately, I missed the scholarship deadline, and I can't afford to! Sad, I know. I think I would actually have fun too!

  10. Oh gosh, I'm sorry. :(
    Maybe next year!!

  11. Oh perhaps this year if a company loves me enough to sponsor me! Or if you poke around my blog and see that I'm awesome and finances materialize. Just saying :)

  12. You're a fabulous blogger - I've had the pleasure of having you write for amotherworld also. I know it can be intimidating meeting new people but let that fear go! Just go!

  13. Maria you are so fabulous! I loved writing for amotherworld and I would do it again, no question!

  14. You'd be surprised - BlogHer is full of real fucking people! I have serious anxiety before every single conference (and during). Real, flawed, and slightly odd people make the best bloggers. That's why you ARE a rock star.

  15. Jenni, if I could meet you in person, it would be worth every panic attack :)

  16. Please say hello. I'm a regular person looking for other regular persons. See you in Chicago, and I love love HOlly Fink.

  17. I think you are SO a blog rock star woman!

  18. Never been. I just couldn't leave Theo. Felt he was too young and then it's often at the beginning of August when we like to get outta town ... The usual!

  19. Yeah, I hear you. I may go this year, if I can find money :0


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