Saturday, June 30, 2012

Purse Lover

Samara loves my bag!

Actually, even more than my bag, she loves what's inside of my bag, my wallet!

And my change purse!

In fact, I've busted her (multiple times) taking every single card out of my wallet (debit cards, driver's license, AAA card as well as various other membership affiliation cards) and attempting to unzip the change purse and eat the coins inside.

Her purse and wallet obsession knows no bounds. She will scale any surface to get to her booty.

I bought her own purse complete with fake debit card and wallet, but she wants nothing to do with it. She just wants mine.

Is your kid obsessed with your bag too?


  1. YES! Tahira still takes all my cards out. So annoying.

  2. What a little minx. Yet the skill might come in handy someday. Great pictures/captions.

  3. Lilah totally went through that phase. Oh, and shoes too - pulling them out, organizing them, trying them on... I guess it's a girl thing? We sure love our accessories! :)


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